Welcome to the Sons of Solomon!

The Sons of Solomon is an ecumenical prayer habitus of catholic Christian men worldwide focused on the Psalms and Proverbs.

Sons of Solomon:

It is neither doctrinal fellowship nor a communion.
It is a discipline.

Our discipline is as follows:

Tier 1

1. Carry a bible, prayer book, and crucifix with you.

What is a prayer book?

Is this required at all times?

Let the image of the perfect man be your spiritual focus.

2. Meditate on a Proverb every day.

How might one do that?

Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the wisdom of the holy scriptures
Let the author teach you wisdom, that you may be thoroughly equipped.

3. Read the Psalms of the Diaspora each day:

Morning Mid-day Vespers Evening
123, 125, 127 124, 129 126, 128 130, 131

Why these psalms?

Tier 2

Psalm 119

Read 8 verses of Psalm 119, 3-7 times a day.

Tier 3

Red-Letter Reader

Meditate on one verse of Jesus' words daily